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Детский автомат «Лягушка-колотушка»


Призовой автомат «Тетрис»

Призовой автомат «Снайпер»

Видеосимулятор «SimMotion»



Amusement machines - are the new opportunities for your business. The most recent development in the field of entertainment and innovative technology combined with colorful accents are offered by “Zabava” company - a leading provider and manufacturer of entertainment machines and attractions in Ukraine, Russia and European countries. We offer you to buy the amusement machines of great quality for arranging family entertainment centers, as well as for the development of a profitable business.

Do you want to create a business that would be quickly paid off with minimal investment and become profitable?

Stop puzzle with these issues and dream, you have to act!

Investing the unique equipment is the easiest investment in ready and operating business, a business that brings a substantial profit!

Why should you start doing this business?

First of all, because the payback period of amusement machines is very short, if their location is successfully chosen and techniques are matched correctly.

Second, the business does not involve any additional taxes and restrictions – even a private entrepreneur, working on a single tax can easily make a business with amusement machines.

Third, amusement machines have unlimited time perspectives - the end of the human passion to virtual games have not seen yet, and manufacturers are constantly upgrading its release with more advanced innovations.

Fourth, the market with this type of service in our country is almost empty.

And finally, fifth, working with entertainment technology you do not need a large area, because amusement machines are movable and liquid (that is the dream of the novice entrepreneur).

“Zabava” company offers you a huge selection of video arcade games, arcade machines and amusement machines of own production, as well as arcade machines of the world's leading brands - the leaders in the entertainment industry Sega, Namco, Andamiro, Baytek, Raw Thrills, Coastal Amusements, Valley-Dynamo, Bob’s Space Racers, Unis and many others which bring their owners a stable-high profits.

Especially for you we have identified several options for cooperation, but first of all let's look at the benefits you get by working with our company:

1. You can get the certified equipment;

2. You can buy the arcade machines much cheaper than in other companies at the expense of our own production;

3. Leading marketing techniques for further development will be presented to you

“Zabava” company provides:
• The professional level of service;
• Individual approach;
• Technical support.
• Flexible working conditions with the possibility of deferred payment;
• Gaming equipment for rent

After you start your business project, our company provides full technical support, warranty and post-warranty support. Working with us, you will get not only the equipment, but also you get a partner who can help you to solve any problems concerned with arcade machines. We can share with you our own great experience - it will be the guarantor of the success for your business.

“Zabava” company follows up the industry trends and anticipate the future trends. Our projects always make unforgettable impression on visitors all over the world and ensure long-term profitability for our customers.

“Zabava” company is the solution of your investment issues in the entertainment business.