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About the Company

"Zabava" company is  a leading provider and manufacturer of entertainment equipment for the entertainment market, the structure of which covers all regions of Ukraine, and also has offices in the Russian Federation,  the Republic of Belarus, as well as in Europe.

Our object is to build an effective entertainment business, as we understand peoples’ needs and use the best international practices.

The company's policy is an individual approach to each project, whether it is a small entertainment area in a supermarket or a huge amusement park. We find variants of concepts for any premises, any audience, any budget.

The concept of the company was developed on the basis of European standards, taking into consideration Ukrainian customers’ needs and expectations.

 “ Zabava” company  offers:

- unique selection of own production products;

- quality service of  abroad sample;

- regular promotions and loyalty program.

We try :

• to meet the high expectations of the customers;

• to be a benchmark for customers regarding the quality and service speed, breadth of assortment, optimal prices;

• to give positive emotions and help people

• to be helpers, good advisers and consultants for each client.

Nowadays at the disposal of the company there are its own production facilities, all products are made of  high-quality components by qualified specialists.

The company employs more than 250 staff members who have experience in the most challenging projects.

At the moment, our company has developed and implemented in the production more than 60 kinds of products. The company has produced more than 950 pieces of entertainment equipment. All samples ​​before going on the market are tested in the operating rooms of our company

A significant component, of services provided by our company, is selling amusement machines, realization of different entertainment machines, as well as attractions sale.