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Mirror Maze "Labyrinth of Illusions"

Zabava company offers a unique attraction of its own production mirror maze “Labyrinth of "Illusions"

“Labyrinth of Illusion" - an amazing mirror entertainment for the whole family, it is a funny and exciting attraction, consisting of the intricate corridors with mirror infinity, impressions and bright emotions.




















Mirror labyrinth is an optical illusion and a net of intricate corridors, consisting of flat mirrors.

Labyrinth is constructed in such way that despite the relatively small area subdue it, seems very simple at first glance. It is enough to make the first step and instead of the road, that was just in front  of your  eyes, you may see your own reflection.

Intricate mirrored corridors, sudden turns, dead ends and suddenly found out exits make the visit of labyrinth, a real adventure. "The Labyrinth of illusions" is a novelty in the field of entertainment, which will take its rightful place among the abundance of modern attractions.

11 main advantages of the Labyrinth

1. Novelty - is a powerful competitive advantage. Maze of illusions is one of the coolest innovations in business attraction and not every city has such attraction. "Being the first - is the character to be the best - it is fate", so be the first among the best!!!

2. Attraction is of a year-round use. Not every attraction can boast such opportunity. Most of the attractions linked to the weather conditions and open park types. They earn money only - 4-6 months a year. Our attraction is profitable throughout the year, and this is a steady income during 12 months!

3. High capacity gives an opportunity of fast payback and high profitability, as up to twenty people can be in the labyrinth at the same time.

4. High profitability and efficiency. This type of business is the most profitable and therefore it is profitable because it does not require special skills, special education, charge of staff maintenance and a huge amount of time. It is necessary to invest in attraction acquisition, arrange the installation (premises rent) and make a profit.

5.Quick payback. Payback of such attractions is from 3 to 6 months.

6.Wide audience. Labyrinth will not leave anyone indifferent. It is interesting for children and adults.

7. Easy to maintain. The work with attraction doesn’t require skilled technicians with complementary skills and experience.

8. Lack of service. The big advantage of the labyrinth is that it does not require any maintenance work or periodic maintenance as opposed to dynamic rides with complex hydromechanics or computer software component.

9. Attracting groups of people. The labyrinth gives an ability to visit maze with whole class, tour groups or friends.

10. Easy to assemble. You don’t need a lot of money to install the labyrinth, investing in repair and interior decoration. You don’t have to drill the wall, floor or ceiling of the room in which labyrinth will be located.

11. The minimum documents and permits are requested for doing business. Attraction does not require additional permits and certificates. Basic equipment of "Labyrinth of illusions" provides the functionality, practicality and comfort.


The basic package of mirror maze is already included:

  1. The cost of the labyrinth. There are 3 types of approaches to labyrinth production:

    -  Labyrinth production of "turnkey" on the basis of the brief;

   - Labyrinth assembly based on available standard sizes;

  - design and assembly of nonstandard maze (we develop a project based on the shape and size of your premises)

1. Advertising exterior and interior of the labyrinth that is exactly what its name suggests: interesting layout, maximum of space and light. We use high- quality materials with cutting-edge technology.

          • Lamps
             • Additional mirrors on the ceiling
                 • banner for facade
                      • signboard for labyrinth
                         • promotional items (flyers)
3. Media advertising set:
        o promotional video
        o audio recording
        o Monitor 32 '
        o DVD-player;
        o 2 speakers

4. Registration system of visitors accounting and control (Online transmission is possible);
5. The system of inside video surveillance with the ability to display images on the main screen.
o 2 mini camera;

6. labyrinth installation takes up to 3 days;
"Labyrinth of illusions" is assembled  with the use of  the latest technology and materials of  international company Saint-Gobain - the world leader in the manufacture and sale of building material

We guarantee:
        • the quality of the product;
        • minimum terms of manufacturing and installation;
        • real prices - the best quality-price ratio;
        • high level of service.



13 competitive advantages of our maze:
1. The minimum production time - 10 days.
2. The period of preparation, dispatch and installation - 2 business days.
3. Warranty - 1 year.

4. Consulting support - we provide technical and advisory support at all stages of the project.
5. Delivery of goods within Ukraine and to other countries

6. Professional knowledge and experience - dozens of invented and embodied designs!
7. High level of service - we always work for the customer
8.Optional, we can replan the scheme of maze moves
9. The optimum quality-price ratio.

10. Terms of cooperation are dynamic and flexible
11. The total area of the mirror maze is 20 square meters, while the length of the tracks can be up to 500 meters.

12. Mirror Mirox. Mirox 3G is the third generation of eco-produced mirrors AGC Glass Europe. The company AGC Glass Europe is the market leader in the production of mirrors. Mirror Mirox 3G - the first mirror conforming to the requirements of the EU directive RoHS (On RoHS - 2002/95 / EC), aimed at reducing the use of hazardous substances, including lead, in industrial and technological processes.
13. All our materials are certified and have quality guarantee