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Redemption games are typically arcade games of skill that reward the player proportionally to their score in the game. The machine accepts tokens (coins or bills, or payment card services). The reward most often comes in the form of tickets, with more tickets being awarded for higher scores. Win tickets can be exchanged into the prizes which are in the showcase with toys.

Playing redemption games the player should use his personal qualities such as dexterity, accuracy, attentiveness , responsiveness, etc.


The redemption machine can have a screen but may also be without it. The game duration (unlike video arcade game) is from 30 seconds to 5-7 minutes and the pleasure derived in the process of game is so big that 80% of players play the same game twice (or even more). This is due to the fact that the principle of redemption games is - encouraging people to set a new personal record and winning tickets as many as possible.

This type of the games refers to the park entertainment machines.

To install redemption machines, as a rule, need more space than for video arcade games, but the advantage of redemption machine is that it can be played by children and adults, and the games themselves are never go out of date because the competition of dexterity and accuracy are always interested for any player. In today's entertainment industry any entertainment center can not manage without redemption machines.