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Stereolife attraction

Stereolife attraction is a modern 5D cinema with a huge image and stereo. It provides the feeling of flight, water splashes and flashes of light, rain, wind, hurricane, earthquake , those elements make the person exciting.

Stereolife attraction consists of dynamic metal platform with comfortable seats for 4 persons.

Technical specifications:
Cinema power supply -  220 V!
Uninterruptible power Supply - 1000 VA;
Power consumption is up to 8 kW (peak), 3.2 kW / hour (average);
If necessary, a voltage regulator as an option;
Active stereo image system/ Breech method. High quality digital image.

Electric drive.

Screen Size (radial) - 4.0 x 2.4 m (160 deg.), the radius is 4.0 m. Genuine OS Windows XP / active 3D-glasses XpanD-5 pieces · Surround Sound Dolby Digital 5.1. Amplifier, speakers, 5pcs., Subwoofer;

 The cinema control system is Stereo Control Center. There is the monitoring system of visitors. It consists of a camera with infrared illumination that outputs the images to a monitor or TV. The automatic visitor registration system.

  Sensors are mounted in each seat and make the detailed statistics of attendance. The operator panel is 19-inch touch screen monitor.

• If there is enough place, the screen can be installed up to 8 m wide.

The quantity of movies in the standard package - 14 pcs. The license is unlimited! There is an opportunity to install up to 50 movies .

The projection system (stereo)

The projector Optima supports the DLP 3D
- Brightness - 3500 ANSI lumens
- Contrast - 3000:1

Active stereo glasses: XPand - 5pcs.

IR Emitter: 1 pc.

Professional radial projection screen. Radial projection system for image processing.
Radial screen - is a complete immersion into the virtual world;
Speaker system  - Dolby Digital 5.1 with certificate THX
Amplifier - 1 pc.

Speakers (front, back, center) - 5. x 67W
Subwoofer - 1 pc. x 165W

Frequency range: 35Hz-20kHz

Total power - 500V

Improved dynamic
- Tilt forward and back - ± 20 degrees.
- Tilt left and right - ± 20 degrees. - Speed ​​(max.) - 0.6 m / s
- Acceleration (max.) - 0.9 g
The requirement for placement:

The minimum dimensions of the room (radial screen):
Length: 5.5 m
o Width: 4.0 m
o Height: 3.0 m

Floor load:
Static: 200 kg / m2
Dynamic 300 kg / m
The floor level of the platform, 075 m
The main dimensions of the platforms:
· Length: 2200 mm
· Width: 2400 mm
· Height: 1700 mm

Height of the dynamic platform: 350 mm

Dynamic parameters of the platform:
Working amplitude displacement: ± 20 °
Vibration: 10 Hz
Weight of the platform:
· Weight (without people): 250 kg
· Weight (with people): 650 kg
· Payload 400 kg.

The system of special effects:
1. The vibration effect.
2. The effect of "mouse tail" – is mounted under each seat and has the effect of tickling feet: 8 pcs. (there is a special module under each seat of  the cinema dynamic platform, this module with the help of  manipulator creates  the effect of touching the feet. Psychological effect is very strong, the audience scream and automatically pull up the feet)
3. The rain effect produced by automatic sprayers which spray the water from a given perimeter: set. (the nozzles are mounted in the handles of each seat). At the moment when according to the plot the rain starts, the system produces a single quick emission of water on the viewer’s hands and chest)

4. The wind effect - wind generator creates a flow of air, which is distributed between the chairs: a set (optional - the effect of the hurricane).
5. The soap bubbles effect - bubble generator makes bubbles of different sizes and throws them away to a distance of 10 meters: the kit.
6. The fog effect - is created by the smoke generator.
7. The lightning effect creates a bright flashes which imitate the lightning, explosion, a flash of light.
8. The hurricane effect is a powerful airflow combined with the effect of wind.
9. The snow effect creates the effect of falling thick snow (snow foam) (option)

Additional Information:
The manufacturer warrants the equipment for a period of 1 year from the date of installation.
After-sales service;

Cinema passport
Operation and maintenance manual for cinema attraction
Movies License Agreement